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David’s off to Glasgow!

Thanks to the Life Changes Trust, David will be attending the 24th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe in Glasgow in October. David received a bursary from the Trust to support his travel and accommodation costs for the conference, where he will be presenting a poster to conference attendees about his recent use of the Ostrich Care GPS tracking device. David said of receiving the bursary: ‘I am thrilled... read more

David trials GPS tracker

In the past two weeks David has begun taking part in a pilot project being run by Dementia Friendly Communities in East Sutherland, Scottish Highlands. Here he tells us how these first two weeks have gone. 29th April 2014 - Received the Ostrich GPS Tracker.  I found the information sheet font and the size difficult to read. The setting up of the tracker was quite simple, you only have to insert the... read more

An update from David

Well, what’s happened since the last blog I did? I got a final diagnosis from the neurologist and I have Alzheimer’s. I may have vascular dementia as well, which they think may be caused by the ischemic heart disease that I have, but they’re not 100% sure. I’ve recently had an ECG, which showed a problem with my heart, which they think might be a heart block. This could be caused... read more

David in Helmsdale

. Hello it’s me again. I haven’t blogged since November however the good news is that I have at last a psychiatric nurse who’s been visiting me about once every three weeks my memory is getting worse and I now have laminated instructions for the microwave and how to make a cup of coffee or tea on the wall in the kitchen I am also finding that on most days I get tired in the  late morning... read more

David’s Diary 10th Nov 2012

Good morning and welcome to my blog it’s been approximately 2 weeks since I have been able to send anything in to the website my computer was a way back to Apple for our new hard drive but I am now up and running this. I suppose I have had some good days and bad days I have noticed over the last few weeks that I am very tired during the day now even after a good night’s sleep and must be the... read more

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