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Agnes at the AGM

  The 19th AGM of Alzheimer Scotland took place on Friday 2 November at the Hilton Grosvenor Hotel in Glasgow. Agnes Houston reports on the day and its unexpected... read more

Agnes – My Brain and Me

Agnes Houston’s latest blog describes her visit to Edinburgh last weekend to  take part in this year’s Luminate Festival  - a celebration of ageing creatively which is taking place for the first time  in a series of events in the capital and around the country. Amongst the Festival events, at Edinburgh’s Poetry Library, was a reading hosted by John Killick, a writer who has specialised... read more

Rainbows from Vienna

. . Agnes Houston is Chair of the Scottish Dementia Working Group. As promised, she has sent us a rainbow blog from Vienna where she has been attending the 2012 Alzheimer Europe Conference. . Here she is (on the right) with friend and fellow SDWG member Nancy    ... read more

Agnes on a Train to Oban

Wow! I am finally on the train for my journey to Oban I had to be up early as it takes so long to get ready now I need to be gently to my brain It will only accept information one thing at a time and then more time is needed for it to engage with the information and for it to penetrate my brain So that is what works for me to get up early and give myself time Oh I’ve re packed my bag and rechecked it too... read more

Agnes in Toronto

This is me when I went to represent the SDWG in Toronto the ADI conference 2011 I think I was feeling low at this time as my Dementia was causing me some more challenges Not a lot of people guessed the problems I was having as I was a master at hiding them now I was struggling to chair the SDWG meetings My retention was getting worse and I was having problems with loud noises and busy situations I was... read more

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