Spice farm

After the elephants we went on to the spice farm where initially all we could see was trees, plants and flowers etc and within two hours we were shown exactly what can be produced from the leaves, roots of these plants to be used as medicines.  It was very interesting.  We also saw plenty of fish in the river, butterflies which I couldn’t get them to stop so that I could take their photograph and... read more

Elephants in Goa

Good trip out for the day.  Yea!  Looking for some elephants first so that Ann could have a ride on them and me to take some photographs.  We managed to get there early in the morning so we didnt have to wait for a queue to reduce. Ann managed to get straight on to her elephant which makes a big difference when there are so many people around.  At four oclock this afternoon we’d have to wait an hour... read more

Trip to Heritage City …

Heres a few photos taken on a trip to the Heritage city just south of Panaji. Taken by Laxman the driver whilst Ann was working in this area. It was  very quiet and scenic throughout the buildings and gardens and also seeing peoples jobs i.e. a carpenter who was making chairs this day.  Again it was very quiet and his concentration is amazing. read more

More fish …

The fish section has a large area.  This is one table of fish … read more

Sights around Raia …

Gardens all over the small villages,that show up great types of the plants, this photo called me to take it, several catus were in the corner of one garden, the fruit of them were  similar to egg shells!!!!!!     Stopped and took photo of the buffalo wandering through the nice green fields in the countryside.  Been accompanied by their friends the tick... read more

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