The rains have arrived.

Tuesday this week the clouds opened up sending down millions of raindrops over this area. Absolutely amazing to see the amount of rain that fell within ten minutes. And continuing for a couple of hours. Here’s a few of the photographs that I took during the first deluge. read more

Houses in Colva

A walk, from our house here, of approximately 2.5 kms to the best beach – absolutely fantastic, is full of houses along the full length through a winding road through the palm trees etc. What came to me very quickly is that almost all the houses are painted by bold colours.  Each house is a different colour. The photos on this blog hopefully give you some ideas for your house at home which will... read more

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

While Ann was working Laxman took me to the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which took about an hour to get there. The place is beautiful.  The sanctuary is on acres of land surrounded by rolling hills and the road just winds throughout the woodlands. The woodlands and trees are also full of monkeys just watching us go passed.  The idea of this sanctuary which is the smallest one in Goa covering 80 square miles... read more

A quiet beach

At last I walked down to the beach at the bottom of our road.  No people.  No scooters. Just three lads doing water sports. I’ve taken a few photographs of this beach mainly in connection between the beach here in Colva and to show you the other beach in Panaji which is just as beautiful but a different view i.e. the sand is yellow there and white at our beach. Also the difference between the two is... read more