Conversations with Larry 1

.   Larry Gardiner is one of a new breed of dementia activists – people with a diagnosis who have decided to create mutual support groups, speak openly about the experience of living with dementia, and campaign for the rights of those with the illness.  He is one of the bloggers featured on our new site, A Dementia Voice.  If you want to take issue with any of Larry’s views, please feel... read more

Photography class …

Early trip from Portgower to St Duthas in Tain where I spent time with getting to the team I will help over the next few weeks with photography and in connection with computers which in a few weeks’ time we hope to send some photographs to the local newspaper.  We had a good instruction of what contstruction I would like to produce taking it as simple as possible which produces fantastic photographs... read more

Agnes – My Brain and Me

Agnes Houston’s latest blog describes her visit to Edinburgh last weekend to  take part in this year’s Luminate Festival  - a celebration of ageing creatively which is taking place for the first time  in a series of events in the capital and around the country. Amongst the Festival events, at Edinburgh’s Poetry Library, was a reading hosted by John Killick, a writer who has specialised... read more

David’s Diary – 21st October

I had a good sleep last night and have been to church this morning and set up the power point and public address equipment also I have recorded the sermons and I’m going back to the afternoon service I have also added some new images of Helmsdale in the autumn 2012 on the community website that I run for the village I intend to come home this evening and relax and watch the... read more


A very warm welcome to A Dementia Voice, a website dedicated to giving people diagnosed with dementia a friendly space to express themselves freely, make new contacts, and tell their own story.  It will be based around the blogs – or diaries – of people with dementia.    A Dementia Voice is hosted by Dementia Friendly Communities, a new social enterprise based in Sutherland.  As our name... read more

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