Look out for waxwings

I am reliably informed by my good friend Ray – who knows a good deal about these things – that now is the best time to see one of our most colourful winter visitors, the waxwing - and that this year they seem to be around in pretty good numbers. From their raffish rosy crests to the bright yellow tips of their tails, waxwings are a joy to behold.  As you can see from this photo Ray took a few... read more

New blogger – Ian Gray

My name is Ian Gray and I live in beautiful Scalloway on the west side of Shetland where I was the head teacher at Scalloway junior high school until I retired in 1994. I was a stalwart of the Scalloway and Shetland football teams and played against teams from all over Shetland, Scotland and the Faroe Isles during my career; I am also an experienced bridge player and still enjoy regular games. In 2010 I... read more

David’s Diary 10th Nov 2012

Good morning and welcome to my blog it’s been approximately 2 weeks since I have been able to send anything in to the website my computer was a way back to Apple for our new hard drive but I am now up and running this. I suppose I have had some good days and bad days I have noticed over the last few weeks that I am very tired during the day now even after a good night’s sleep and must be the... read more

Agnes and Larry – Listen to us

A recording made of Agnes Houston and Larry Gardiner in conversation during their visit to Vienna for the 2012 Alzheimer’s Europe Conference.  They talk about the impact of dementia on their lives, and make a plea for professionals to remember the person behind the diagnosis Click here to listen Agnes und... read more

Conversations with Larry 2

Reading is getting progressively more difficult. It is a short term memory deficit; I read a page but then forget what it was about so I have to constantly re-read. This means that I now take ten times longer to read a book. I find reading quite tiring too. Films and TV are things that I view as distractions. It is as if I no longer have time to watch them because I always have so much to do. That is more... read more

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