Sights around Raia …

Buffalo out for a walk ...waiting for the road works ...

Gardens all over the small villages,that show up great types of the plants, this photo called me to take it, several catus were in the corner of one garden, the fruit of them were  similar to egg shells!!!!!!



Buffalo grazing with the tick birds ...

Stopped and took photo of the buffalo wandering through the nice green fields in the countryside.  Been accompanied by their friends the tick birds.

3 Responses to “Sights around Raia …”

  1. jackie hodges says:

    Enjoying the photo’s of your trip and particularly like the buffalo alongside the roadside activity .it feels like I’m in the car behind them waiting for them to get a move on …..

  2. Natalie Dodson says:

    Hi Andrw, loving all your pics!!! keep posting!!! Looks like you are having a wonderful time :-)

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