Trip to Heritage City …

And this is the church which is huge inside.

Heres a few photos taken on a trip to the Heritage city just south of Panaji. Taken by Laxman the driver whilst Ann was working in this area.

This is the entrance to the Heritage City ... built in the 15th century. All these buildings are from the same era.

It was  very quiet and scenic throughout the buildings and gardens and also seeing peoples jobs i.e. a carpenter

This is the carpenter at work. He's making the back of a modern style chair. He knocks these chairs out every ten minutes using just his tools, hammer, saw and squares. Very interesting to watch him. I wish I could do this. Takes me months to make a table but I only have one hand that works.

who was making chairs this day.  Again it was very quiet and his concentration is amazing.

This was a Portuguese city originally and this palace was the Foraleza Palace. And this plaque was at the main gate. It's very small in comparison to the big buildings around there. Amazing to see this little plaque in comparison to the huge size of the church which you can see through the gate.

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  1. David says:

    Hello Andrew, lovely to see your photographs, sounds like your having an amazing time. Look forward to more blogs, hello to Ann.

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