Spice farm

After the elephants we went on to the spice farm where initially all we could see was trees, plants and flowers etc

Our guide showing us how high these trees are in the farm. Also by looking at the rings you can tell how old they are by counting the rings on the outside of the bark.

and within two hours we were shown exactly what can be produced from the leaves, roots of these plants to be used as medicines.  It was very interesting.  We also saw plenty of fish in the river, butterflies which I couldn’t get them to stop so that I could take their photograph and the snake that just looked at us.  We saw him catching a fish out of the water.  And later during our walk around all the trees we saw another snake disappearing up the bank. I didn’t chase him with my camera.  After the walk it was so hot and humid they cooled us down

The iced lemon water cool down. Initially very shocking to the system but then very refreshing

by pouring an iced lemon water down our backs.

After two hours of being taught of plants and trees I can now determine which is the male and the female plants that I am looking at. Just think what the garden at home is going to be like next year now that I know all about males and females.

3 Responses to “Spice farm”

  1. Natalie Dodson says:

    Hi Ann and Andrew, I really would have loved to join you in your travels, it seems that you are having the most interesting time! ENJOY!

  2. Tracey Edwards says:

    Hi Andrew and Ann! I’ve been enjoying your photographs and check daily for updates. I just wish I could smell the beautiful garden and spices in these pictures…..but truth be told I’m glad Icouldn’t smell the elephant pictures! Tracey

    • Ann says:

      Hey Tracey … great to hear from you … now I know America really is tuning in to us!! Welcome … and I told you you should join us!!! Elephants and all …

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