Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

While Ann was working Laxman took me to the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which took about an hour to get there.

Unfortunately you can't see his large run around area and him as he insisted on staying at the door waiting for his food which was still one hour away. He kept pacing up and down making it very hard to take a good photograph. His partner was in the lean-to fast asleep.

The place is beautiful.  The sanctuary is on acres of land surrounded by rolling hills and the road just winds throughout the woodlands.

He was just lying there just with the slit of his eyes looking at us. Hopefully he was fed because I was very close to him and I think he has a slight grin on his face. You never can tell but perhaps he thought I was breakfast. He was 4 metres long and has been there for about 12 years.

The woodlands and trees are also full of monkeys just watching us go passed.  The idea of this sanctuary which is the smallest one in Goa covering 80 square miles and is trying to keep the wildlife safe increasing in numbers but kept under control.

He is one of six black bears in the sanctuary. They play quite well amongst each other but if food appears then it's a big fight which is interesting to see.

He was in the woods while we drove passed. He's one of a family of white monkeys with little black faces.

We saw quite a few animals and here are a few pictures.

3 Responses to “Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary”

  1. Clare Glassock says:

    Just what you wanted! Brilliant xxxx

  2. Your photographs are really good Andrew. Keep up the good work.


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