A very warm welcome to A Dementia Voice, a website dedicated to giving people diagnosed with dementia a friendly space to express themselves freely, make new contacts, and tell their own story.  It will be based around the blogs – or diaries – of people with dementia.


 A Dementia Voice is hosted by Dementia Friendly Communities, a new social enterprise based in Sutherland.  As our name suggests, we want to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia and their families, so that they can continue to live actively and happily despite the illness.


As your hosts, we’ll try to give you all the technical support you need to get your ideas on to these pages, and try to help out with any advice or information you need.


But our number one ambition is to stay out of the way!  This is your site, and we hope it’s going to become a favourite place for people with dementia to come and share their experiences of living with the illness most feared by people over 55 in our country.


Many families have said it’s this public fear of dementia that gets in the way of continuing to live the way you would like to. Not the illness itself, but the way people react to it.


We know that people often fear or shy away from things they don’t understand.  By letting others know what it’s actually like for you to have dementia, you can start taking the mystery out of it, and we believe you can start reducing that public fear.


Hope you enjoy the site, and make plenty of good new friends and contacts.


 By the way, here are three other websites you might be interested in:-

A Carer’s Voice  - a resource for carers and families of people with dementia

A Care Home Voice – sharing best practice in residential care for people with dementia

A Dementia Friendly Community – doing it all together



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