At last those of us with dementia have a voice…

My name is David Mason I live in Helmsdale and  I am 58 years old I  was informed by Bethany Jones the neurologist at Raigmore Hospital Inverness on 9 January 2012 that I have dementia. It was really not a surprise to myself or my wife as I was having   trouble for quite a while driving the car and we both suspected what the diagnosis would be before we went to the clinic, but I suppose it was still a shock. I have decided to keep a diary which I hope will be of of some use to fellow dementia sufferers, medical staff and carers, at this point, I still don’t know what type of dementia I have but I am hoping that Dr Jones will tell me in the next month or so.

Diary15th of October 2012
I slept quite well till 3 am when a neighbour turned on his television up loud  at 3:00 until 4:30 in the morning I was unable to get back to sleep. this is when you discover that dementia and the lack of sleep do not go well together you find yourself very irritable and out of sorts later in the day.
Diary 19 October 2012
I didn’t get to sleep until after 3 o’clock in the morning. I don’t know why perhaps it’s the dementia I did feel quite unsettled and i am feeling rather out of sorts this morning.
14:38 because of the lack of sleep and finding it very difficult to concentrate i have to go and lie down  I will be going to my bed about 7 o’clock.
Diary 20 October 2012
slept quite well last night feeling quite good just now have taken my medication we are hoping to go out  for lunch later on today.

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  1. Myra Lamont says:

    Dear David,
    I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It is encouraging to hear about your positive attitude to keeping a diary, it helps to write down how you feel. Nothing prepares you for a diagnosis of Dementia, although you know yourself, things are not as they should be, and you are waiting for confirmation.
    What we were never told, when my husband was diagnosed was that you will still have quality of life after diagnosis, three years on we have been able to continue with our retirement plans and travel between our Island homes, I am from Islay and my husband from SothUist and we are regular passengers on Macbraynes ferries as well as spending the winter months in Glasgow to be near our family.
    I have developed a diary record card for my husband and we find it very useful to capture all the information that is so important to maintain a healthy happy life, especially when there are so many people involved in the care, he is able to communicate with the number of people he sees using the record without my input. I also found it a great help to let people know about our situation, however you may not be ready to share that at the moment. If you are able to talk about it, let your neighbours know and they may be more respectful about playing loud music and watching T V. Hope you sort out your sleeping pattern, a good rest prepares you for the day ahead. Yes, it is important to know what type of dementia you have and how it affects you, if people understand your symptoms you and they will find ways of dealing with all aspects of your condition.
    Good luck and best wishes

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