Photography class …

Early trip from Portgower to St Duthas in Tain where I spent time with getting to the team I will help over the next few weeks with photography and in connection with computers which in a few weeks’ time we hope to send some photographs to the local newspaper.  We had a good instruction of what contstruction I would like to produce taking it as simple as possible which produces fantastic photographs from camera to computer.

Here we are looking for stags to take photographs. They know something that we don’t know … they are hiding because of the snow and we are sitting in the snow! Poor Ann is driving through it … As she’s from South Africa she really doesn’t prefer the snow to the sunshine and you can imagine how she’s feeling with the long winter ahead of us. This is the first snowfall of this winter…


The people I’ll be dealing with all gave an introduction and their favourite thing e.g. one of the guys told us his favourite pastime was doing jigsaws upside down which was news for the teachers there.    It was very encouraging from them and from me.

This is the Strath on the other side at Kildonan in East Sutherland where the sun was still shining and we thought we were going to find those stags … I’m thinking that this photograph might be good for the BBC weather forecast showing the snow clouds coming from the north…

On the way home we went via the Strath of Kildonan as we thought we would see some stags to take photographs.  However all I photographed was the first year’s snowfall over the hills, but no stags.

This was at the start of the Strath near Helmsdale looking towards Kildonan.

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