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My name is Ian Gray and I live in beautiful Scalloway on the west side of Shetland where I was the head teacher at Scalloway junior high school until I retired in 1994. I was a stalwart of the Scalloway and Shetland football teams and played against teams from all over Shetland, Scotland and the Faroe Isles during my career; I am also an experienced bridge player and still enjoy regular games. In 2010 I was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimers and I’m doing really well two years on. Here is a picture of me with my wife Marina. On 26th December we are looking forward to a big family trip to Cape Town with my son and daughter, Brian and Karen, my daughter and son in law, Paula and Donald and our four grandchildren, Paul, Vaila, Euan and Lewis. We are going to send a blog of the trip for the website.

4 Responses to “New blogger – Ian Gray”

  1. Phyllis Heddle says:

    Sorry to read this – I mind Ian in Orkney (Stromness) playing football when I wis a peedie lass. He stayed with my cousin next door.

    Kind regards

  2. thelma thistlethwaite says:

    Hi Ian and Marina I remember times baby sitting with Hazel at Elsmere place thought you and all the scalloway guys were great. My thought are with you and family on your next journey

  3. sheila says:

    yes what a shame couldn’t happen to 2 more lovely people fae scalloway still on the bright side marina at least ian wont have to listen to you rambling on how pretty you were as you were the ugg duck of the hockey team lol

  4. Margaret says:

    Hi Ian, I discovered this website when I was reading the article about you and Marina in the ‘Dementia in Scotland’ summer 2015 issue. Can’t think why I didn’t hear about it sooner! I really enjoyed the article, also the blog on your trip to South Africa – and the photos. I’ll keep checking for any more blogs from you. I hope you might write one about a trip to Toronto soon!!
    Lots of love to you Ian and to my lovely sister Marina.

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