Jaws IV at the Cape

3rd January

Went for a tour yesterday to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope. Our first stop was Hout Bay where we went in a boat to see seals and dolphins. We then went to Noordhoek and over to Kalk Bay (where we heard some great Jazz) via Muizenberg where we spoke to the shark watcher and while we were there they had to clear the water when a shark was spotted. We also saw some whales at Fish Hoek and then the African penguins at Simons Town and Boulders Bay. We then carried on to the Cape where we spotted Zebras and Ostriches in the national park. We came back up the Western Cape road through Scarborough and arrived back at 9pm. A long and enjoyable day.

Here are photos of my grandson Lewis feeding an old seal a fish from his mouth at Hout Bay harbour (the seal lives wild but a local man has trained him to come out of the water and get fish this way) and of my 4 grandchildren at Chapmanā€™s Point.


2 Responses to “Jaws IV at the Cape”

  1. Ann says:

    Isn’t Chapman’s Point the most beautiful place in the world … am doing such a nostalgic trip with you. Next time you drive from Caithness down south to East Sutherland through Berrydale, remember Chapman’s Peak … I always think of it when I drive through there … and if the sun is sparkling blue on the sea, then I really get homesick … wonderful pictures … thank you for sharing them … xx

  2. admin says:

    What a beautiful part of South Africa.

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