An update from David

Well, what’s happened since the last blog I did? I got a final diagnosis from the neurologist and I have Alzheimer’s. I may have vascular dementia as well, which they think may be caused by the ischemic heart disease that I have, but they’re not 100% sure. I’ve recently had an ECG, which showed a problem with my heart, which they think might be a heart block. This could be caused by my medication, but we are awaiting more news.

Since my last blog I certainly am a bit more confused with certain things and not quite as fast as I used to be in doing things. Even on the computer with the programmes I’m a bit slow. Sometimes I have problems finding the letters on the keyboard. Suddenly they’re not there one minute and then I’ll find one letter and they’re all there. That’s quite a known phenomenon.

I’m still living and still going about taking photographs of the village and putting them onto¬†Flickr for Helmsdale. I’m still doing the community website as well. It takes me a bit longer, but I get there and it stimulates my brain. I also work on the Helmsdale Highland Games website once a year.

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