New! Befriending Dementia

Befrienders Highland has launched a new Befriending Dementia service for people with dementia across the Highlands.  The service pairs people with dementia, who are known as ‘friends’, with a fully trained volunteer in a supported telephone friendship.

When you sign up, you receive confidential, regular and reliable telephone calls from your volunteers. The aim is to help prevent the loneliness and lack of social contact that can come with living in rural locations.

Befriending Dementia staff are now taking referrals and have trained volunteers ready to be matched with and befriend people with dementia. Referrals for the service can be made by the person with dementia themselves, a family member or friend, or health worker or other professional.

If you’d like to enquire about the service or make a referral contact Carol Summers by email to or call 03303 55 22 55.

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