David trials GPS tracker

In the past two weeks David has begun taking part in a pilot project being run by Dementia Friendly Communities in East Sutherland, Scottish Highlands. Here he tells us how these first two weeks have gone.

29th April 2014Received the Ostrich GPS Tracker.  I found the information sheet font and the size difficult to read.

The setting up of the tracker was quite simple, you only have to insert the battery and close the plastic panel, then contact Ostrich at the number 0300 333 6502 and have your unique user code ready. You must think about whom your emergency contacts will be.

David with the device in Brora

David with the device in Brora

30th April 2014The first time out and about was at Brora harbour when it was showing a signal. We didn’t have time to do a telephone test with the call center.

5th May 2014 - Was out and about in Helmsdale taking images for the community website. I was very happy that at last I was able to get on my mobility scooter by myself The Tracker has given me my freedom to roam, my wife Maureen phoned the call center who were able to tell her that I was in Golf Road Helmsdale.

7th May 2014 - On to the way to the BUGS meeting at the Helmsdale Community Centre I had some spare time so I went along to Old Caithness Road and felt really good and had sense of freedom. I took some images. Then I headed to Dunrobin Street and took more shots for the website. I then joined my friends at the BUGS meeting. It was a good day.

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