David’s off to Glasgow!

Thanks to the Life Changes Trust, David will be attending the 24th Annual Conference of Alzheimer Europe in Glasgow in October.

David received a bursary from the Trust to support his travel and accommodation costs for the conference, where he will be presenting a poster to conference attendees about his recent use of the Ostrich Care GPS tracking device.

David said of receiving the bursary: ‘I am thrilled to be going to the conference and feel very confident about attending and talking about my experience now that I have my GPS tracker. I’m looking forward to meeting other people with dementia so I can share what I’ve learnt and learn from them as well.’

One Response to “David’s off to Glasgow!”

  1. Anne Macdonald says:

    Hi David, I live in Glasgow and will be attending the Conference in Oct and look forward to meeting you.
    Have a good journey and we will meet soon.

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