Agnes’s First Blog

Well doesn’t that sound modern and funky but what on earth does it mean

Oh well that’s life with Dementia for me half the time I don’t understand fully what is being said to me so I just fake it and talk so I am well known as a talker

Well at least I understand what I am saying even if nobody else does

I have promised to do this I think it is for Vienna and I thought Ann this can be a practice run so that you could maybe guide me to make it into what you need and want

Yesterday the SDWG had their committee meeting in Dundee

What a lively meeting although some members have to close their eyes to rest Fatigue you know

I am chair of the SDWG and this takes a lot out of me and after a meeting my energies are really low

Why do I do it

well its for selfish reasons it’s the only time I get to meet with others with a diagnosis who like me want to get on with their life

Jossie Ethel Agnes and Ruby

(I am the one with the green cardie)

We want to make a difference and they give me hope that I can life a good quality life with this diagnosis

As a person with Dementia I do not feel this many places

It’s great to be accepted faults and all and yet to still be able to function and take actions and make a difference take control of what we want and need

It’s also great not to have to explain all the time your mistakes and challenges and they know and understand without words with just Oh I don’t know how to explain it except I feel at home with my fellow SDWG members like I do not anywhere else

Anyway I am off on a tangent yet again so I apologise to the person making sense of this What was I hoping to say its slipped through they holes again I think that is why I get a headache or as Rosemary peters wife termed if Brain ache this constantly needing to find information that sometimes falls through the holes before I even put it into my memory so how can I find it if it never even made it in to my memory bank in the first place

What was I talking about oh the meeting well a visitor was at the meeting and he was so impressed with how we behaved ( I wonder what he thought people with Dementia was going to do eh) he wants to write an article and let others know about us

No that is not what I was going to say Ann it was to say how much I enjoyed Inverness what a great experience that was for me to meet up with the two new member of the SDWG Jim and Ray they helped me so it was a mutual help and that always makes for a good start of any relationship

The Inverness Dementia resource centre

Gosh what a joy to enter a building that I felt comfortable in so Dementia friendly the staff knew how to assist without patronising

Which is unusual in itself it felt like home you could feel the people who used the building the great use of

The art work and décor

The quiet room was really fit for purpose I wish we had it in Oxford St.

I came away with hope in my heart and so filled up sometimes I go to places meet people and I am so empty and tired but not with this visit I came away alive and full so thank you Geraldine Fiona and all the people whom I meet

It was a busy but productive time for me

Again I have forgotten what I am suppose to be blogging so Anne you and Andrew have done this before can you give gently hints

I will sent this as an attatchment but will try and sent the photo’s later

I used to be able to do this easily but now to remember is a struggle so keep fingers crossed

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