Agnes in Toronto

This is me when I went to represent the SDWG in Toronto the ADI conference 2011 I think

I was feeling low at this time as my Dementia was causing me some more challenges

Not a lot of people guessed the problems I was having as I was a master at hiding them now

I was struggling to chair the SDWG meetings

My retention was getting worse and I was having problems with loud noises and busy situations

I was going to make this my last presentation

After all I had my diagnosis for 5 years now

What more could I expect

I had had a good innings

As part of my going to Canada I was to speak at a Changing Melodies event

This was to be a life changing moment as I heard one ladies story and she had a diagnosis for over 13 years and still living well with the diagnosis but she had to make changes to accommodate the challenges being presented to her in her Dementia

For the first time I heard someone explain what it felt like to experience this noise aversion

It was called Hyperacussis she helped me she laughed and called me a baby on my journey in Dementia and that I had a lot to learn and to give

It was as if she was looking into my head

Identifying what my problem was and telling me how to cope with it

I have notes somewhere on what I have learned on this journey of mine although most times I forget where they are and then come across them and get a laugh at what I wrote

This morning after my meditation that story came to me as well as the thought

That if

I imagined my Dementia is like a cake

You have the basic ingredients

  I am fortunate to go and meet others with a diagnosis of Dementia

And they add a special ingredient a secret they found along their journey and they share it with me and it helps make my cake

Lighter sweeter spicier

And then I think what a superb cake

So who knows what magic ingredient I’ll find to add next?

In my adventures with Dementia

Oh! I was supposed to blog about my getting ready to go to Oban I forgot but I will tell you that next time

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