Agnes on a Train to Oban


I am finally on the train for my journey to Oban

I had to be up early as it takes so long to get ready now

I need to be gently to my brain

It will only accept information one thing at a time and then more time is needed for it to engage with the information and for it to penetrate my brain

So that is what works for me to get up early and give myself time

Oh I’ve re packed my bag and rechecked it too many times to count

I am no longer able to make decisions

So when I left the house and shut my door it was in a not knowing state

I was not sure what was packed

I was not sure if I had everything

I just had to rely on my strategies that they had worked

I had to trust all will be well

I stood with my check list

Gas off Check

Ticket check

Aricept check

Door locked check on and on

This is a picture of us all in Oban Yes it worked

I did get there

Henry Martin the SDWG coordinator

Nancy and myself

Yes I did arrive

If you want to find out about the SDWG go to our Web site we have more stories and Video’s as well

I think you will find it worth it

What happened in Oban well we meet with Nurse’s professionals and spoke about Dementia and the SDWG but that is not what excited me the most

It was getting to know Henry and sharing our stories and strategies learning from one another it’s not often we get together like this able to discuss how we felt

Nancy spoke of her panic and fear she would not be able to wake up in time but like me once she left she just trusted all would be well


Nancy and I shared the hotel room

What a laugh we struggled along

Helping one another with the strange shower and surroundings

Nancy and I trying to work it out and this time we managed it

Henry it’s different for him as he has his wife and she organised his packing etc so he did not have that problem

One of the things that came from our chats is how Henry does not like the pictures on the present literature as he thinks that most of the people with Dementia look unhappy and in pain

We discussed this and wondered if that is how others thought we felt cause it is not what we have heard from people with a diagnosis

Generally we get on with life and a lot of us are more childlike so laughter and playfulness plays a big part of our life now

Lets show all sides of Dementia not just the negative I urge you to go to our website and hear it from the voice of people lucky to be diagnosed early and make your own mind up


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One Response to “Agnes on a Train to Oban”

  1. Anne Macdonald says:

    Hi Agnes , I have recently joined the SDWG and have heard of you, all good I assure and I look forward to meeting you soon.
    Am trying to get to grips with an IPAD I was encouraged to buy in order to help with IT. Very slow progress on a daily basis, how I stumbled on your diary not sure!

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